humans too!

A lot of my work centres around biochemic and elemental mineral assessment whichis applicable to humans and animals alike, each can benefit from an assessment to correct imbalances within the anatomy causing physical symptoms.

Children respond particularly well, particularly for things such as poor sleep patterns, gluey ears, runny nose, even behaviourhal problems.

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Beware lush grass

Hi horse owners, the rain might be good for the garden but now the grass is very lush, watch out for the horses with laminitis.

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Hot weather!

I was most concerned during the recent hot weather to notice a neighbour who only infrequently takes his dog for a walk, making the most of the sunshine and riding his bicycle at speed down my lane with the dog in hot pursuit (excuse the pun).

When he returned some time later the dog was clearly distressed and following miles behind. I am sure this was inadvertence on my neighbours behalf and his desire to take advantage of the lovely weather and take his dog for some exercise too was of the best of intent, but please acknowledge animals just like us, get old and out of condition so please don’t put their lives at risk through thoughtless behaviour.

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With the onset of warmer weather cat and dog owners are getting anxious about increase of flea infestation, unfortunately whilst we are encouraged by our Vets to use a variety of sprays, drops and shampoos, most of them are made from extremely noxious chemicals that will create more harm than the flea itself.

It is preferable to make sure the dogs immune system and general health is in good order and then the flea aspect should be far less of a problem, if at all.

Now is the time, before the summer weather, to start to improve the dog or cat’s general condition and using items such as vitamin C supplement, garlic oil capsules or fresh garlic, alfalfa and some other herbal or vitamin preparations can greatly reduce the incidence of flea allergic response.

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An Eyesore!

Recently I had a telephone call from a very good friend telling me that one of her horses had severely injured his eye on a thorn and the Vet was greatly concerned he would lose the eye the injury was so severe.
She asked me to assist by using some nutritional supplements and homoeopathy alongside the orthodox medicine, which I did.
The Vet was amazed at the progress, the bleeding ceased and swelling quickly reduced.
5 weeks on the horse’s eye is back to normal and no impairment of vision.

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Horse Health Matters

Welcome to my new blog.  There will be more news soon.

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